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Small Business Benefits of Local SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising

Every business needs to have a great marketing strategy. Without effective marketing, nobody is going to know about business. No matter how amazing your products or services are, you won’t get very fat if you don’t have a method of telling people about it!

Most business owners know this. But the part that many people struggle with is knowing whether to use search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) to market their brand. Is it better to go with a more organic method of reaching your target audience through search engines? Or are you better investing money into paid advertising?

The answer is both!

You can integrate SEO and PPC into your digital marketing. They both have their advantages, and if possible, you’re best using both options to maximize your reach as a brand.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of making your only content more visible to drive more organic traffic. SEO involves using specific keywords and key terms to boost its ranking in the results pages of online search engines, such as Google or Bing.

What is PPC or Pay Per Click

PPC is a form of search engine marketing (SEM) that involves paying for ad space on a website. You only pay every time someone clicks on the ad, so the cost of PPC varies depending on the search volume and audience interaction. PPC is mainly associated with search engines and you will be competing with other advertisers on relevant keywords within your industry.

Advantages of Using SEO and PPC in Combination

SEO isn’t completely free. There are indirect costs associated with it, such as paying for copywriters or advanced SEO tools. But it’s cheaper in the long run compared to PPC. Using specific key phrases in your content enables as many of your target audience to see your business and click on your links without you paying for every click.

However, PPC can help you to drive more traffic to your website if you don’t yet have the domain authority to get ranked highly on search engines.

SEO enables you to create various types of content (blogs, social media posts, case studies) to reach specific people within your target demographic. This can be further enhanced with PPC as you can use unique ads on each website to target certain segments of your audience.

Using both SEO and PPC in combination increases your stability. SEO provides a constant stream of organic traffic, which is more stable than PPC, but PPC offers quick results, which boosts the results of your marketing campaign.

When you consistently appear at the top of search engine results pages, your brand builds authority and gains people’s trust. It signifies to Google that you are trustworthy and reliable. This trustworthiness is enhanced when more people are clicking onto your website, something that PPC ads can help with.

So, as you can see, both SEO and PPC have their advantages and they complement each other nicely. If you want to enhance your marketing efforts and maximize your reach, you should be using both SEO and PPC in combination.

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