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How Retargeting Can Save Your Contracting Company Money

On average a landing page has a conversion rate of 30% - which isn’t bad! But that still means 70% of the traffic that you have coaxed on to your page is leaving without enquiring or calling. That does not necessarily mean those potential customers are lost, however, it will require more work to bring them back into your sales funnel.

There are easy and cheap ways to recapture those lost leads so they can become a paying customer.

Retargeting is cheap

As you have already spent budget trying to get these people to your site, throwing good money after bad would feel like a pointless exercise. However, on average retargeting is between a third and a quarter of the cost of Top of Funnel marketing. For a little cost, you can easily bring the same amount of people who have shown interest in their first interaction with your service and products, and ensure they convert the second time around.

Brand Interaction

It can take between 8 and 15 interactions with your brand before they decide to engage. While some of this can happen offline and in your local area, if they are conducting an online search, this may be the first time they have heard of your company.

That is normal, people spend time investigating their options before parting with large sums of money. That does not mean they won’t forget about your company while they are looking at the competition. Offering retargeting ads means that they will serve as a reminder of what you can offer and hopefully help them decide on choosing your company when they move further down the funnel.

Warm Traffic

Often we are dealing with cold traffic, potential customers who have never heard of your company, and know nothing about your products or services. With retargeting, you build audiences of people who have already interacted with a certain page of your site (or your site as a whole). This means they have already engaged with an ad you are running or found your company through a Google search. This puts you at a strong advantage.

The warmer traffic means they already have a vested interest in your company and what you are offering. This should make them easier to appeal to and therefore a better bet for a conversion.

Retargeting Difficulties

Retargeting is not all smooth sailing, it is different from Top of Funnel in a lot of ways and though that is beneficial, it can also present challenges.


As retargeting can expose how someone has been utilizing their time online, there are restrictions on what exactly you can put on retargeting ads and what industries will be able to run retargeting. This should not pose any particular problem for a roofing company, but it is good to be aware of this.


While Google has been a stickler for a seamless user experience for some time, Facebook (and therefore Instagram) has only recently caught up. This means that you have to make sure your ad is pointing to a landing page that is relevant. While this is best practice, Facebook has gone to great lengths to ensure this happens. Key areas that must remain consistent are:

● Branding

● Messaging

● Images

Ad Text

The last thing to be aware of is keeping the ad test to a minimum. Facebook will only allow an ad to have 20% text on the image. This is great as it means your visual assets can do the talking! However, before you spend hours creating hours on beautiful ads that will never be seen, remember that less is more in Facebook Ads.

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